Never miss an appointment again. Create calendar entries to keep you in touch with what’s going on. Share your events…

Never miss an appointment again.

Create calendar entries to keep you in touch with what’s going on. Share your events so people know what you’re up to. Be reminded of important tasks, events and meetings – all this, within your browser or a mobile device of your choice.

Atmail Calendaring

Atmail Edit Event

CalDAV Calendar Client

The Calendar client supports the following features:

  • A stunning Ajax Web Calendar which supports creation of events, tasks, and allow users to schedule work and appointments
  • Daily and weekly calendar view included
  • Intuitive Web interface for creating, moving and resizing scheduled events
  • CalDAV client – Use the inbuilt Web Calendar to access any existing CalDAV server, or the inbuilt Atmail Calendar server.
  • View shared Calendars, users availability and all the features you’d expect in a groupware solution
  • Support for IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and modern browsers

The Atmail Calendar is a iCal/CalDAV client, allowing the software to access any CalDAV server implementation. For example; Apple/Darwin Calendar Server, Bedework, Sun’s Calendar server, Oracle, or open-source solutions such as DaviCal. If you are rolling out the Atmail solution, you can keep your existing Calendar server implementation or use the inbuilt Calendar server provided.

ActiveSync Support

Atmail supports the ActiveSync protocol allowing PUSH support on a variety of mobile-devices such as the iPhone, Android and Windows mobile

Calendar events created in Atmail can be automatically pushed to mobile devices. Rollout a complete calendaring solution using Atmail, provide Calendar access via the Webmail UI, desktop-clients that support CalDAV and mobile devices using ActiveSync.

Atmail is one of the few vendors that embrace the CalDAV protocol and offer ActiveSync connectivity. A true hybrid calendaring solution that supports open-protocols and proprietary ActiveSync technology licensed from Microsoft. Learn more about the mobile push support in Atmail from the product information page.

Open Standards Supported

The Calendaring solution of Atmail supports the following open standards:

  • CalDAV RFC 4791
  • iCalendar RFC 2445
  • WebDAV RFC 2518
  • WebDAV Access Control RFC 3744
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