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Keep up to date, down to the second. You never have to check for when an email arrives, as emails…

Keep up to date, down to the second.

You never have to check for when an email arrives, as emails get ‘pushed’ to the mobile device of your choice as soon as they are received. Contacts go to your mobile device as soon as they are updated. Be informed on the dot with Atmail Push.

Features of Atmail Push

Full ActiveSync Support
Atmail has licensed the ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft to deliver a fully compliant PUSH solution. Provide full ActiveSync support for mail, contacts and calendar devices on a variety of mobile-phones – allowing your users to receive notifications for new email messages on their phone, instantly. All e-mails, contacts and calendar events on the server are synchronized with the mobile device in realtime.

Contact Synchronization
Contacts are automatically ‘pushed’ to mobile devices. When adding a new contact on your phone address-book, the contact details are available instantly in the Webmail interface. Any contacts created via Webmail are pushed to the Apple iPhone ®, Windows Mobile ® and ActiveSync-compatible devices.

ActiveSync compatible
The Atmail push support does not require any special plugins, connectors, or third-party software installed on mobile devices. The platform supports the ActiveSync protocol and works using the Push/sync protocol out of the box.

Atmail now supports syncing for:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Mail

Benefits of Atmail Push

Offer your customers more than standard IMAP
Atmail provides an ActiveSync gateway to any existing IMAP mail-server. Use your existing mail-server infrastructure, and the Atmail Webmail and Push gateway can provide your customers more then just standard IMAP email.

Native CalDAV suppot for ActiveSync
Atmail is one of the first vendors to fully support the ActiveSync protocol against a CalDAV backend for calendaring data. This allows you to rollout an open-protocol calendaring solution, and enable ActiveSync support direct to mobile devices.

Access Atmail Anywhere
Access email anywhere with your ActiveSync-enabled device such an an iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android or selected Nokia/Ericsson phones.

Group availability
The Atmail push support is available on a group basis via the Atmail Webadmin. Enable push support as an added option/upgrade for customers.

Immediate Notification
Know about incoming messages as they arrive. New appointment created? Automatically pushed to your mobile device. Created a new contact on your mobile phone? This will be automatically pushed to the server.

Technical Details
To learn more about the technical details of the Atmail push feature, read the installation and setup procedure for Linux.


Push support for Atmail is available from $3 per user a year. This includes the royalty fee from Microsoft to use the ActiveSync protocol. Learn more from the Atmail store

Atmail Push provides a quick and easy way to access your email when on the go. The feature has been tested on a wide variety of devices including the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and a variety of Nokia and Ericsson phones. Feel free to test out Atmail ActiveSync using the online demo

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