Sincronización con Outlook

From the server to your desktop. Bridge the information gap. With Outlook WebSync, you can keep your desktop and web…

From the server to your desktop.

Bridge the information gap. With Outlook WebSync, you can keep your desktop and web items synchronized through a hassle-free, unobtrusive interface. Achieve information coherence.

Support Includes:


  • Outlook 2007, 2003 and 2000 Support (Windows PC only)
  • Calendar/Task data synchronized via a CalDAV backend
  • Synchronization of Contact, Calendar and Task data between the Outlook client and Atmail server
  • Support for local accounts created by Atmail, or any external POP3/IMAP account
  • MD5 Checksums ensure data integrity during synchronization
  • Simple installation utility for desktop-clients
  • Optionally synchronize data between the WebMail server using HTTPS


When using the WebMail interface away from the office, your existing Calendar, Tasks & Contacts from Outlook are available via the webmail interface.

Synchronize your PDA or PocketPC data with Outlook, and have a copy of all your data synchronized to the WebMail server.

Add contacts or schedule events, and the data is automatically synchronized between the desktop client running Outlook and the Addressbook / Scheduler in Atmail.

Utilize WebMail as a central access point for all your data online — you no longer need multiple desktop clients on different systems.

Technical Details

The Atmail Outlook Sync Utility is a standalone plugin for Outlook, which is downloaded by the user from the Atmail website. The installer package will automatically add the Outlook Sync plugin to Outlook, and will prompt the user to supply their Atmail account login details to synchronize with the server.

Outlook sync will compare Calendar/Task/Contact data between the desktop client and the WebMail server via the HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Using MD5 checksums, the plugin utility can identify new or modified data and synchronize the changes between the client and server.

Calendaring data is synchronized using the CalDAV server of Atmail to Outlook, and Contact data is stored in a MySQL database. Using the WebMail interface, users can modify data synchronized with Outlook and the changes will be automatically copied back to the desktop client.

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