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Provide more than just standard webmail. Use Atmail as a complete Webmail client for your organization’s existing IMAP server. The…

Provide more than just standard webmail.

Use Atmail as a complete Webmail client for your organization’s existing IMAP server. The software provides a comprehensive email suite for accessing user mailboxes, and provides inbuilt Calendar and Addressbook features.


Atmail allows users to access IMAP Mailboxes on any server of your choice. You and your users can experience webmail via a fluid, intuitive interface that excels aesthetically and functionally; a benchmark that very few webmail clients have achieved.


Staying in touch with business or personal contacts is made easy by the groupware features of Atmail. The easy-to-use calendar events, tasks, and free-busy scheduler provide collaboration and communication around the clock, with the simplicity of a browser-based interface.


We made sure that the Atmail installation and administration process is as stress-free as possible – so much so that it won’t take more than a minute of your time. Atmail Webmail plugs in directly to your IMAP servers with minimal configuration and requires very little, if any maintenance at all.

Product Information

Use Atmail as a complete Webmail client for your organizations existing IMAP server. The software provides a comprehensive email-suite for accessing user mailboxes, and provides an inbuilt Calendar and Addressbook features

The WebMail Client of Atmail supports any existing IMAP server running under Unix/Linux or Windows systems. These include:

Sendmail, Courier, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, qpopper, Cyrus, Dovecot, uw-imap – Any IMAP servers which are RFC-compliant.

Exchange, Imail – Any IMAP servers which are RFC-compliant.

Control Panels
Plesk, Cpanel, Ensim, Hsphere, Webmin – Any control panel which supports PHP

Industry Usage

The Atmail Webmail Client is built for a wide range of industries and applications.

Small Business
Provide employees a complete Webmail interface to the organizations mail-server. Use Atmail as a complete Webmail interface, allow staff to communicate easily, access the Calendar features for Groupware, Global Addressbook and more. Optionally replace desktop Email software and use a complete Web-based email platform.

Internet Service Providers
Implement Atmail as a site-wide Webmail client for ISP and Web-hosting clients. Provide more then just a standard Webmail client, offer Atmail and value add to your ISPs services.

Provide Atmail for student and staff email services, integrate the software into your University or Schools messaging platform and provide campus wide email communication.

Feature snapshot

Browse a quick feature list snapshot of the Atmail Webmail client:

  • IMAP, IMAPs support
  • Complete email interface
  • Web-based Addressbook
  • Web-based Calendar
  • Full MIME support – Inline attachments, UTF-8 support
  • IMAP threading, sorting and search support
  • Drag and Drop support for emails and contacts
  • Multilingual support – Folders, emails, attachments
  • Rich HTML email editor and attachments
  • PDF thumbnail support for inline attachments
  • vCard support for Addressbook
  • MySQL storage for user sessions, settings and data
  • Groupware features with CalDAV support
  • Complete Web-based management, logs, reporting, settings, branding
  • Rebranding support – Easy to edit CSS to restyle the interface
  • Full source-code and easy to edit HTML templates
  • Written in PHP using the Zend framework
  • jQuery toolkit used for the Ajax Webmail interface

Webmail Client – Detailed Feature List

Atmail Webmail boasts an innovative user interface, complete Email interface, Addressbook and Calendar features included – Pushing the boundaries of the traditional WebMail feature-set:

Intuitive Webmail GUI
Atmail’s redesigned and streamlined interface utilizes the latest in Javascript & XML (AJAX) technologies such as jQuery to provide a smooth, responsive experience with excellent feedback offered to the user.

Full MIME Support
Atmail supports MIME email messages, allowing users to receive attached pictures, multimedia content and data contained in email messages. Users can compose email messages and attach files to outgoing messages.

IMAP / IMAPs support
Atmail utilizes IMAP to for all communication to the mail-server. Intelligent caching and IMAP commands are used to reduce the load on the mail-server and allow the Webmail-interface to handle high load and scale between multiple servers. Atmail utilizes additional IMAP extensions if available on the mail-server, including IMAP threading, IMAP sort, and IMAP search functionalities. Full support for IMAP SSL is included.

Groupware support
Included in the Webmail-client is a full groupware suite – Allowing users to share address-book, calendar and tasks. Groupware data can be shared between users on the Atmail system on either a domain or site-wide basis. Learn more about the Groupware features available.

Enhanced Address Book
The new Atmail 6 Address Book is completely redesigned and streamlined. Included in this release are native Vcard support, photo thumbnails, and an improved contact grouping system. The intuitive new interface allows quick navigation and modification of contact details.

Calendar Server Included
Atmail includes a Calendar server based on the CalDAV protocol – Using the Web interface users can access the Calendar feature for adding events and tasks, and optionally share events between users on the local server. The Atmail Calendar server can be used to sync and access calendaring data on desktop clients and mobile devices. Use Sunbird, iCal or other desktop applications to access the Calendar server of Atmail. Users can use mobile-devices such as an iPhone to natively access events and tasks using CalDAV to Atmail’s inbuilt Calendar server.

CalDAV client support
The Calendar client of Atmail supports the CalDAV open protocol for calendaring. Use the inbuilt Calendar server of Atmail, or use your organizations existing Calendar server. Atmail supports a variety of Calendar servers, including Apple Calendar Server, Bedework, Davical and other servers which implement the CalDAV protocol.

Solid Framework
Atmail 6 has been completely rewritten using the Zend PHP Framework, using the MVC (Model,View,Controller) principle. The Webmail and Calendaring interface are built using the jQuery Javascript toolkit to provide a solid framework for development, and a seamless user-interface experience.

Tabbed Email Browsing
Email messages can be viewed within a tabbed pane below the folder message-list pane. The tabbed interface allows quick navigation of messages.

HTML templates for easy customization
The user interface and overall appearance of Atmail Webmail Client is created using HTML templates; the HTML source code and output of the core PHP system are separated, allowing for easy modification and customization. You can modify the Atmail Webmail Client system to match the branding of your organization by editing the HTML template source code.

Folder Management Utility
Messages received by Atmail Webmail Client can be moved among folders for sorting and archiving purposes. New folders and sub folders can be added and deleted, allowing users to categorize and organize messages.

Mailbox Sorting & Searching
Messages contained in a user’s Inbox can be sorted by Subject, Date, or Email Address. Users can search their mailbox for messages containing matches of the user-specified string, allowing quick and easy access to stored email.

Multiple Languages Available
Atmail 6 is currently available in English, Espanol, French, German, Italian.

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